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                    Unit 1:A Trip to the Silk Road
                      Lesson 1:A trip to China
                      Lesson 2:Meet you in Beijing
                      Lesson 3:A visit to Xi'an
                      Lesson 4:A visit to Lanzhou
                      Lesson5:Another stop along the Silk Road
                      Lesson 6:Jenny's Diary
                      Review:Unit Review
                    Unit 2:It's show time!
                      Lesson 7:What's your project about?
                      Lesson 8:Marco Polo and the Silk Road
                      Lesson 9:Dunny's school project
                      Lesson 10:Music and dance
                      Lesson 11:Food in China
                      Lesson 12:A blog about the Silk Road
                      Review:Unit Review
                    Unit 3:School life
                      Lesson 13:How is school going?
                      Lesson 14:Jenny's school life
                      Lesson 15:Making a difference
                      Lesson 16:We are with you!
                      Lesson5:School science fair
                      Lesson 18:Teaching in China
                      Review:Unit Review
                    Unit 4:After-school activities
                      Lesson 19:A dinner date
                      Lesson 20:Join our club!
                      Lesson 21:What is your club type?
                      Lesson 22:Big plans for the weekend
                      Lesson 23:A weekend with Grandma
                      Lesson 24:How was your weekend?
                      Review:Unit Review
                    Unit 5:I love learning English!
                      Lesson 25:A phone friend
                      Lesson 26:Online phone calls
                      Lesson 27:Amazing English
                      Lesson 28:How do I learn English?
                      Lesson 29:A door to the world
                      Lesson 30:Writing an E-mail in English
                      Review:Unit Review
                    Unit 6:Seasons
                      Lesson 31:What strange weather!
                      Lesson 32:I can't wait for winter!
                      Lesson 33:Kim's favourite season
                      Lesson 34:Steven's report
                      Lesson 35:Surfing in Sydney
                      Lesson 36:Spring in China
                      Review:Unit Review
                    Unit 7:Sports and good health
                      Lesson 37:You are what you eat!
                      Lesson 38:Stay healthy!
                      Lesson 39:Danny's report
                      Lesson 40:Move your body
                      Lesson 41:Were people healthy then?
                      Lesson 42:Know yourself
                      Review:Unit Review
                    Unit 8:Summer holiday is coming!
                      Lesson 43:Have a good summer!
                      Lesson 44:Volunteering in summer
                      Lesson 45:Baseball season
                      Lesson 46:Get ready for summer holiday!
                      Lesson 46:Summer plans
                      Lesson 48:Li Ming's Summer Holiday
                      Review:Unit Review
                    Vocabulary and Structures